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Oscar's valuation was outdated
Oscar contacted Gustamps about a free Gustamps valuation. Gustamps was told by Oscar that he had a collection of stamps that was once his great Uncle's and Oscar had inherited it. Oscar told Gustamps that his uncle had said he had bought the collection as an investment in the 1960s and he had paid £50 for it. Oscar said that with his uncle's purchase price as a guide he had placed it under his house insurance with an estimated value of £100. Oscar told Gustamps he had heard Gustamps offered free stamp valuations and he thought he had best check his collection was insured for the right amount. Oscar came to Gustamps shop in Brighton for his free Gustamps valuation when Gustamps valuation man carefully inspected Oscar's stamps. Gustamps valuation was £5,400 Oscar was advised to get in touch with the house or home insurers and to let them know of the updated, accurate valuation of £5,400 Gustamps always advise anyone w9th a stamp collection to get an up to the minute, professional, free stamp valuation of their stamps from Gustamps. Gustamps say never rely on an outdated valuation.
Gustamps would like to thank Oscar for letting Gustamps publish his valuation experience at Gustamps.
Multi-valuations from Gustamps
Gustamps valuations man was taken a bit by surprise last week. The Bick family came to Gustamps shop in Brighton, and each of the family members brought along something to be valued by Gustamps. The free Gustamps stamp valuations were given in succession one after the other with separate stamp collections and first day cover albums being produced by the Bicks thick and fast. The youngest family member showed Gustamps valuation man his Disney stamp collection and ten year old Dan Bick heard his collection was worth £10. Gustamps valuer told Mrs Bick that her collection (inherited from her Granddad) was worth £560. Gustamps valuer told the other members of the Bick family the market value of their stamps. The Gustamps valuations for the remaining Bick family members ranged between £26 and £240 each. In all there were eight separate valuations. Four people sold their stamps to Gustamps and the other four people decided to keep them and carry on collecting. All in all it was an interesting day for Gustamps valuer who enjoyed meeting the Bicks.
Thanks from Gustamps to Mr and Mrs Bick. Mr Bick's brother and the Bick children for allowing Gustamps to publish their valuation experience at Gustamps.
10 year old Dan Bick did not want to sell his Disney stamps and he was given some more Disney stamps free of charge from Gustamps to add to his own Disney stamps.
Gustamps guides Fred about scout stamps
Fred Courtney telephoned Gustamps for a free Gustamps stamp valuation. When Fred arrived at Gustamps shop in Brighton, Sussex for his free Gustamps stamp valuation Fred told Gustamps he had inherited a stock book of Scouts and Girl Guides stamps from his aunt. Fred was curious as to the value of the stamps. During Fred's visit at Gustamps Brighton shop Fred found out that the whole collection was only worth about £20 except for one stamp. Fred was told by Gustamps the stamp which bore an image of Lord Baden Powell had been used during the Boer War at the Siege of Mafeking. Gustamps valued the single 3d blue stamp at £310  and Gustamps also offered to buy the stamp from Fred for this price. Mr Courtney decided to keep the collection and pass it onto his son but he sold the single stamp to Gustamps for £310. In addition to buying Mr Courtney's stamp Gustamps gave him some scout miniature sheets free of charge to add to his scout collection for his son. Gustamps would like to thank Mr Fred Courtney for allowing Gustamps to publish his valuation experience at Gustamps shop in Brighton.
If you have any stamps which you would like to have appraised and valued completely free of charge by Gusatamps you should contact Gustamps valuation department on 01273 326994 and make an appointment with Gustamps for your free Gustamps stamp valuation. Please note Gustamps also value postcards, first day covers, presentation packs and all manner of philatelic collectables as well as coins, cigarette cards.