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On a recent visit to Gustamps shop in Brighton, one of Gustamps customers remarked to Gustamps how he was impressed that Gustamps sold 1st Class stamps at only 45p each compared with the Royal Mail price of 63p each. He told Gustamps he remembers taking 100 stamped envelopes into his local post office in 2005. He explained to Gustamps stat the post office counter staff told him that all his envelopes were underpaid due to price increases on that day. As it was the 1st April he thought it was an April Fools joke. Gustamps heard from him that he soon found out it was true and all the postage had to be uprated to 43p, he asked Gustamps "I wonder how much profit the Royal Mail made on each letter?" Gustamps answer was, "none." Gustamps said that back in 2005 the Royal Mail was losing approximately 5p on each letter. It was Gustamps understanding that in 2004 the Royal Mail made a loss of over £240,000,000 delivering stamped mail. Gustamps customer was surprised to discover the Royal Mail's loss and went onto buy a further 100 1st class postage stamps from Gustamps for £45 instead of buying them from the Post Office at the current rate of £63 and so saving himself £18 by buying them from Gustamps. Gustamps price for 1st Class stamps in 2015 was almost the same as the Royal Mail was charging ten years ago in 2005.