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Who was Elsie? Gustamps explain
Gustamps was told by John Paxton that he had inherited a collection of British covers from his father. Mr Paxton told Gustamps he was puzzled by an envelope in the collection. He explained to Gustamps that the envelope in question had been addressed to his father. Gustamps heard from Mr Paxton that the envelope bore a G.B. 2 1/2d red Wilding stamp, postmarked 2.11.1955 at Bath. Gustamps was told by Mr Paxton that his father had written a note and attached it to the cover. The note was inscribed "sorted by Elsie". Mr Paxton asked Gustamps if Gustamps could shed any light on this item, "Who was Elsie?

Gustamps congratulated John Paxton on his interesting question and replied to Mr Paxton with the following answer. Gustamps told John Paxton it was possible that the letter was sorted by a machine known as the "Electronic Letter Sorting Indicator Equipment." Gustamps explained that the machine was more commonly known as E.L.S.I.E.

Gustamps thanks John Paxton for his question and letting Gustamps publish it together with Gustamps reply.
Mrs. McGreggor's Malayan Question
Sonia McGreggor contacted Gustamps with a question about a Malayan stamp in her collection. Sonia told Gustamps the stamp was a Victorian period stamp from the Malayan state of Johore. Sonia said to Gustamps that her stamp was overprinted with the word 'KEMAHKOTAAN'. "Can Gustamps explain if 'KEMAHKOTAAN' is a different country?" 
Gustamps answer to Mrs McGreggor is that the stamp was indeed from Johore. Gustamps said the stamp would have been overprinted in 1896 for the coronation of the Sultan of Johore, Sultan Ibrahim. Gustamps went onto explain that the word 'KEMAHKOTAAN' is Malayan for coronation. Gustamps told Mrs McGreggor that it was one of the first coronation stamps ever issued in the world. Gustamps are grateful to Mrs Sonia McGreggor for giving Gustamps permission to publish her question to Gustamps and Gustamps reply to her.
How can I find out how much my stamps are worth?

This is a really commonly asked question to Gustamps and the answer to the question is "easily." 
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