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This Gustamps page is designed to help philatelists with unusual stamp queries. 
Take Care When Buying Stamps from Strangers, Say Gustamps

Gilbert Struman contacted Gustamps recently. Gilbert told Gustamps "A new stamp collector came to my local stamp club. We started to chat about stamps in general, and he said he had some duplicate Zululand stamps which he wanted to sell. I collect Southern Africa, Gilbert told Gustamps." Gilbert went on to tell Gustamps how he ended up buying several Zululand stamps from the man man for £50. 
Mr Struman thought the stamps were a real bargain, but he wanted to have the stamps validated with Gustamps just in case there was anything wrong with them. Gilbert brought the stamps to Gustamps' shop in Brighton and showed them to Gustamps' valuation expert. Gustamps' valuation expert examined the stamps and on close inspection gave Mr Struman some bad news. Gustamps valuation expert handing a magnifying glass to Gilbert told him to look carefully at the Zululand overprint. Gustamps expert pointed out that the overprint was on the top of the postmark. This was conclusive proof that the stamps were faux. Some unscrupulous person had taken the genuine British Queen Victorian used stamps and then added a faux Zululand overprint. Gustamps' valuation expert said of course it is impossible for an overprint to be on top of the postmark of any genuine stamp. This rendered the stamps virtually valueless. Gustamps' valuation expert told Gilbert that had the stamps been genuine, they would undoubtedly be worth several hundred pounds and would have been a real bargain at the £50 that Gilbert paid. Unfortunately Gustamps' valuation expert confirmed that the stamps were faux, and Mr Struman was out of pocket by £50. 
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