Gustamps free valuations

British Commonwealth stamps from Gustamps. 
Gustamps have been dealing in British Commonwealth stamps from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II for over four decades.
CYL29 Cylinder Number Blocks.
A specialised collection of Great Britain & British Commonwealth Number Blocks.
It is unusual to see such a large number of cylinder number blocks.
120 stamps in all, unmounted mint cylinder number blocks.
Price £21 available now from Gustamps.
R28 British Commonwealth Proofs.
A specialisd collection of printers proof stamps and progressive proof stamps.
Some stuck down on special printers cards.
Together with official authorised varification and check signatures.
Rarely does such a precious collection get offered for sale.
Gustamps offer a total of 20 progressive proofs plus various proofs.
Price £42 only from Gustamps.
Frequently asked questions about Gustamps
Gustamps FAQ 1 - Is Gustamps mail order only?
Gustamps answer 1 - No. Gustamps has a stamp shop where you can view and buy a variety of Gustamps products and get free stamp valuations. 
Gustamps FAQ 2 - Where does Gustamps advertise?
Gustamps answer 2 - Gustamps advertise in all major UK philatelic periodicals. Gustamps advertisements appear in Gibbons Stamp Monthly magazine, Gustamps adverts appear in the stamp magazine and Gustamps adverts appear in the Stamp and Coin Mart magazine. 
Gustamps FAQ 3 - Do Gustamps advertise anywhere else except the three main UK stamp magazines?
Gustamps answer 3  - Yes. Gustamps adverts sometime appear in national newspapers, Linns stamp news in the USA have also included Gustamps advertisements. Gustamps also regularly advertise in British Stamps Market Values catalogue. Also in the Philatelic Exporter and often in Stanley Gibbons Specialist catalogues.
Gustamps FAQ 4 - How long have Gustamps been in business? 
Gustamps answer 4 - Gustamps have been in business professionally for over four decades. Gustamps was established in 1971 in London. Gustamps famous stamp shop has been in Brighton, Sussex for many years.
Gustamps FAQ 5 - As Gustamps valuations are free are they as good as valuations where fees are charged?
Gustamps answer 5 - All of Gustamps valuations are conducted expertly and professionally. Gustamps have over 40 years experience giving specialist stamp valuations and Gustamps stamp valuations are superior even though they are free of cost. Gustamps stamp valuations are given free for the benefit of stamp collectors and the hobby of stamp collecting.
Gustamps FAQ 6 - Which topical subjects do Gustamps have starter stamp packs for?
Gustamps answer 6 - Gustamps carry a wide range of thematic and topical stamp packets including Gustamps animals, Gustamps birds, Gustamps cars, Gustamps cats, Gustamps dogs, Gustamps aircraft, Gustamps maps and cartography, Gustamps royalty, Gustamps fish and sealife, Gustamps mushrooms, Gustamps costumes, Gustamps sports, Gustamps fruit and veg and Gustamps Olympic stamps. Gustamps stock many other subjects and for more info telephone Gustamps on 01273 326994.
Gustamps FAQ 7 - Why do Gustamps not charge fees for stamp valuations and why are their valuations given free whether or not a purchase is made?
Gustamps answer 7 - Gustamps believe that philatelists should not have to pay to find out how much their stamps are worth. Gustamps free stamp valuations are one of the free Gustamps services designed for the benefit of philatelists and all stamp collectors and are intended to promote the great hobby of stamp collecting.