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Gustamps starter stamp packets range extended

Collectors visiting Gustamps shop in Brighton will have the world at their fingertips. Gustamps extended range of single starter packs now includes Gustmps Greece, Gustamps British Africa, Gustamps Latin America, Gustamps Great Britain, Gustamps Sudan, Gustamps Hong Kong, Gustamps British Regional Issues, Gustamps Dominica, Gustamps Malaya, Gustamps Germany, Gustamps Roumania, Gustamps Switzerland and Gustamps Russia...Please contact Gustamps for more up to date info.

Available Range of Gustamps Packs increases

Gustamps latest news is about the new, increased range of starter packets of stamps designed for beginners. If you want to start up a stamp collection of a new country then Gustamps in Brighton is definitely the place to come. Visitors to Gustamps Sussex shop can now choose from a greater range which includes...Gustamps Belarous, Gustamps Kyrgistan, Gustamps Mexico, Gustamps Eire, Gustamps China, Gustamps Middle East, Gustamps Yugoslavia, Gustamps Czechoslovakia (including Bohemia and Moravia), Gustamps Vienam, Gustamps Korea, Gustamps Belgium, Gustamp Italy, Gustamps Slovakia and subject to availability Gustamps San Marino, Gustamps Southern Africa (including South Africa and Rhodesia.) Please phone Gustamps on 01273 326994 to find out more.

Free stamps from Gustamps too

As a special bonus offer from Gustamps, anyone ordering one or more of the above specialist Gustamps country packets will receive a bonus selection of free British colonial stamps from Gustamps.