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        News gets round fast and the news that Gustamps sell postage stamps at discounted prices has reached the ears of many Ebay sellers. It does not take long for these people to realise that Gustamps prices for postage stamps is much cheaper than the price charged by the Royal Mail. 
E.g. Royal Mail Price for a First Class stamp is 63p or £63 per hundred stamps.
Gustamps price for a First Class Stamp is only 45p or £45 per hundred stamps.
Gustamps    A big saving on postage costs from Gustamps! The Ebay sellers use Gustamps stamps to post the items which they sell on-line. These sellers often sell all types of items on Ebay not just philatelic goods. Gustamps are pleased to help Ebay sellers save on postage costs. You can save money too by buying all your postage stamps from Gustamps instead of the Royal Mail. Telephone Gustamps on 01273 326994 or come to Gustamps stamp shop at 12 Prince Albert Street, Brighton now and start saving money by not using the Royal Mail.

   Stamp dealers buy up Gustamps stocks of Finland stamps 
Scandinavian stamps sales at Gustamps have always been good, but extra demand from dealers in Finland for Finnish stamps from Gustamps has resulted in a substantial lowering of stamp stocks of Finland stamps at Gustamps. It seems that the Finnish dealers are stocking up at Gustamps in preparation for expected collector interest for the Finlandia 2017 Stamp Exhibition at Tampere in Finland. Gustamps will not be exhibiting at the Exhibition, but Gustamps wish all the stamp dealers and everyone who attends the Finlandia 2017 stamp exhibition every success.
   More Ebay sellers using Gustamps 
The number of part-time stamp dealers buying stamps at trade prices from Gustamps to re-sell on Ebay is constantly increasing. Lots of these new Gustamps customers subsidise their own collecting interests by buying stamps from Gustamps and then offering them for sale on Ebay or other on-line auctions. These people soon discover that Gustamps prices are much less than those which are often achieved on the Ebay auctions. Gustamps are pleased to see these new Ebay sellers growing from strength to strength with Gustamps help. The Ebay sellers return again and again to Gustamps to re-stock with Gustamps stamp supplies after their successful Ebay sales have been completed. Many Ebay selers also visit Gustamps shop to obtain Gustamps free stamp valuations before they offer their stamps online. Gustamps have been offering a free stamp valuation service for more than four decades.
A Royal Mystery at Gustamps

Nigel Kennard contacted Gustamps for help with identification of a 'Cinderella stamp'. Nigel told Gustamps the stamp was a tiny purple stamp perforated and inscribed Royal Coupon 2d. Gustamps heard Nigel found it in a mixed lot of Cinderella stamps and wanted Gustamps to shed some light on it. Gustamps told Nigel that it is probably a forerunner of what are called Green Shield stamps. Gustamps said that Green Shied stamps were given away at shops in the UK as incentives to customers who could save them in a small album and then cash them in for free gifts. Gustamps added that the 2d Royal Coupons date back to the 1930s and 1940s. Gustamps explained they were printed in sheets of 100 stamps in booklet form. The issuing company operated from Praed Street in Paddington, London.

Thanks to Nigel Kennard for his 'Royal' question and letting Gustamps share it together with Gustamps reply with other readers.