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Gustamps manager loves cricket

Douglas De Monte made a special trip to Gustamps in Brighton. Douglas wanted to start up a themed collection of cricket stamps. When Douglas asked Gustamps manager the best way to proceed he got a big smile from  Gustamps manager 'cricket is my favourite theme where stamps are concerned' said Gustamps manager. Gustamps manager went on to advise Mr De Monte to consider buying a Gustamps cricket stamps starter pack. The Gustamps cricket starter pack contains a range of cricket stamps as well as cricket FDCs including some signed by famous cricketers. Then said Gustamps manager you could add extra stamps and sets with a cricket theme and expand the collection gradually. Gustamps manager said 'talking about cricket stamps reminds me of a visit I made to the stampex stamp exhibition in 2009. The theme that year was cricket.' 
Gustamps manager told Douglas that there was a fantastic cricket thematic stamp display at the 2009 stampex (Britain's biggest stamp exhibition.) Gustamps manager said 'the display had been exhibited by Arthur Melville-Brown, the president of the cricket philatelic society. 
Gustamps manager told Mr De Monte that he went along with some friends that were also keen on cricket. The stampex exhibition was held at the business design centre in Islington, London, said Gustamps manager. 'The nicest thing I saw was the bat which W.G.Grace scored his 1,000th test run, that was on display too,' said Gustamps manager to Mr De Monte.
Douglas took Gustamps manager's advice and bought a Gustamps cricket starter pack, he said he couldn't wait to get back home and start sorting out his cricket stamps.
Thanks to Gustamps manager for allowing Gustamps to publish his memories of the 2009 stampex, and also to Mr Douglas De Monte for sharing his visit experience at Gustamps with other readers.